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Join ThePatternHub, ThePatternHub is a member-only exclusive community for digital pattern downloads. It was created to help you connect with your creativity through sewing. You can access your account and download patterns at any time, on any device, from anywhere in the world.

Why is ThepatternHub the best place to get your patterns?

ThePatternhub gives exclusive access to the download zone with up to 24 sewing patterns during your 1-year membership. You also gain access to original sewing patterns made by Mariapalito with very easy to follow instructions and real size pattern cuts. You won’t have to scale or re-size the patterns. You will also be able to connect and share your creations with other members.

How much does it cost? Is it a good deal?

Join the Hub and gain access to a 1 full Year Membership. You get a +60% discount over the regular price for joining the membership. So do the math, sewing patterns usually cost around $9 each and you will be receiving at least 24 patterns. Join now and you can start sewing your own plushes and toys today. Don’t wait to get your patterns.

You can also order individual patterns here:

What does the 1 full year Membership include?

- 12 Sewing Patterns + with step by step instructions for Instant Download to sew your own toys and plushes, available for you once you complete your registration.

- Monthly Pattern Releases, Get Exclusive access to 1x new pattern every month during your membership year. You will also get a monthly notification to access the new content.

- Direct access to the member-only zone that will include : Video tutorials / step by step photo galleries; tricks and tips to help you to master the secrets about sewing plush toys.

- The designs will be a mystery until each pattern is revealed every month. I promise, they will definitely be worth the wait!

- The patterns will be released first to club members.

- Once you place your order for the Membership, you will get an email with your Log in - Information, so you can start downloading the patterns and accessing the juicy content.

Are the instructions easy to follow?

Making your own handmade plushes and toys are a great and fun creative outlet and all my step by step instructions will make it easier for you. The instructions are written to guide you through each step of the way, with lots of helpful tips and techniques on how to improve the quality of your toys. Let your style and personality shine when you choose your own colors and little details to make the toys truly yours.

Can I sell what I sew from the patterns?

Yes, you can as long as you follow the rules and give proper credit to MariaPalito for the patterns! I respect and honor other artist’s work so if you join the club intending to sell what you sew, you have to follow and accept the terms and conditions of this site and the copyrights for the designs.

Just add the following credit line to each online listing and hang tag:
This item was handmade using a MariaPalito sewing pattern.

Get a taste of the membership, downloading for Free a sewing pattern here: