Gold Dot Tissue Pom - Shiny and Bright - Cocktail Hour Decor - New Years Eve - Metallic Lanterns - Anthropologie

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Shimmer, sparkle, shiny
All my favorite things!

This kit includes 1 item:
1 large tissue poms (Gold Dots)
Fluffing instructions available online + video
Monofilament included for hanging
All tied with wire and each puff has a loop for easy hanging.
Priority Shipping (for US addresses) / First Class for International

ADD on a few medium poms! Message me for a custom listing!

--------- {PLEASE NOTE at Etsy Checkout} ---------
Event date or it may not arrive on time
Color(s) - if you don't want what is listed here
Special requests Or your requests may not be honored.
--------- { THANK YOU } ---------

Once you are done with the tissue poms, lanterns and fans, you can "defluff" or fold them away and reuse them for a future party or recycle them. They are 100% made of recycled content! Yay for being green and gorgeous.

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