Canvas Event Banner Party Decoration Birthday Banner Available in any colors, sold per letter Used by Tori Spelling

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This style was Originally made for the launch party of Tori Spellings new clothing line LITTLE MAVEN. Recently a customer asked me to make a "Happy Birthday" Banner in the same size for her sons Camping theme came out so adorable, I just had to post it!!

This banner can be made in many different sizes and any color letters you like. Made from 100% cotton white duck canvas flags sewn onto cotton binding and painted with permanent textile paints.
The 14x18" can easily be seen from across the yard or camp site, as one can see by looking at the 1st photo (Tori's party banner)

Please choose from the following sizes from the drop down menu
** 6x8" with 4" narrow letters
**10x12" and 12x14" flags with 4" letters
**14x18" flags with 6" letters

*The "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" Banner is 14x18" flags and "CAMP RILEY" uses 12x14" flags. Both painted in crimson red, dark brown, light blue, avocado green and curry yellow colored letters. I am happy to paint this in any colors you like and in any expression you like.
*The "CAMP LITTLE MAVEN" is 14x18" flags and the "MAVEN SWEET MAVEN" is 6x8"

***The cost is per letter/flag as specified

**Please purchase the number of letters you need to create the expression you desire and let me know the colors you would like in the notes at checkout.

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