Lemongrass Natural Unisex Bar Soap -Vegan- -Creamy Lather--Essential Oils-

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Product Info

★Lather up with OBThis creamy bar of luxury is made with the essential of of Lemongrass that many truly adore.


Each bar is 5 ounces each and despite some say Lemongrass can be used on all skin types it is a well known irritant therefore do NOT use on delicate nor babies period. Seek medical advice if pregnant or trying to become pregnant due to essential oil content.

Can also substitute for fragrance free


I can ship 6-7 full size bars in a flat rate, priority mail envelope for $6.00 You will receive a pay pal money request if needed to cover shipping,


Shipping in NOT included if not in USA due to the postal service charges different prices based on each country. You must email me your country destination and list of items for a shipping quite FIRST. I will provide you a link based on to determine which method fits your budget.

★ALL SALES ARE FINAL: Products are not a substitute for medical advice .

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