Lime Green, Orange, Hot Pink, Aqua Blue Party Puffs by Whimsy Wendy

Whimsy Wendy By Whimsy Wendy

Product Info

Taking an old theme and creating something new is what Whimsy Wendy is all about! Don't buy the tissue paper versions of these party decorations. They are too delicate and NOT waterproof!

I am happy to offer these unique and festive and colorful hanging balls made from soft tulle. This listing is for SIX puffs (1 - 12" diameter ball; 2 - 9" diameter balls and 3 - 6" diameter ball) in a mixture of pretty popping colors including: light pink, hot pink, fuchsia, coral, red, sunrise, yellow and white.

The arrive with invisible thread attached to suspend your decorations from the ceiling. Stagger their heights for interest and vary their colors for an eye-popping decor.

Looks gorgeous over a dining room table, for your next shower or graduation party, in baby's room, play rooms, bedrooms, porches and in your next photo session. I currently have some hanging in a storefront that create some eye-catching attention.

Reusable, colorful, playful and not crushable like tissue paper flowers.