Lip Balm MONKEY FARTS Banana Coconut and Pineapple flavored .15 oz tube

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Lip Balm
Monkey Farts

Why the heck would I want to taste MONKEY FARTS???!!!
Well, although it may sound gross, the flavor of this balm is amazing!
Monkey Farts is a combination of tropical flavors: Banana, coconut and pineapple.

Now do you want to taste MONKEY FARTS?

The boys just love this lip balm; it’s not a pretty, pink, girly balm!
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Made from scratch, not a premade base!

We are in the process of combining our Etsy stores.
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“Givin’ Me Lip”™ Lip Balms are all Natural and Vegan Friendly.

“Givin’ Me Lip”™ Lip Balms are made to order to ensure their freshness.

Our own hand blended ingredients give you a smooth, creamy, non waxy, non greasy flavor full lip balm with just a touch of sweetness.

* This lip balm has a slight color tint naturally occurring from the essential oils and flavor oils. The color will not show on your lips.

*****Our lip balms DO NOT CONTAIN MICA!!!
Mica is made from pulverized (crushed) rock which tends to have sharp microscopic edges causing micro-tears when buffed onto the skin. Therefore making your lips even more chapped and damaged!

You will get one lip balm with this purchase. Your lip balm comes in a .15 oz. tube with perforated shrink seal for your protection.

*Labels are not water proof. To protect the label, please only remove the shrink seal from the top of the cap by running your fingernail around the perforation.

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