LittLe Mermaid Wooden Fork ' Dinglehopper hairbrush' 8 Hand Stamped Forks & TAGS Custom Favors , Birthday cake, Party Favor,, Eco Friendly

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~~~~~~~LOLA LOVES THIS ONE!!!!!~~~~~~~ :):):)

....Ariel calls her "hair brush... A FORK.... "Dingelhopper"

So what better way to serve Cake at a Mermaid / Pool or Beach Party than with Lola's Wooden Mermaid Fork!

8 count - Wooden Stamped Forks (shown)

8 count - Stamped Tags (shown)

8 count - Pre-cut Ribbons (design / pattern may vary)

Ribbons ship *Untied

Tags are DIY ready to add the Ribbon and Tie to your Fabulous Cake Forks!!

These are sure to bring many "Oh My's", Smiles & Giggles and i doubt many will get "left behind".

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PERFECT at Brunch, Garden Parties, Picnics, Family Reunions, Birthdays, Baby Showers, Weddings and BackYard BBQ's!!!

EVERY Utinsel is HAND Stamped, Some may be a little "slanted, lighter, darker...etc..." this goes for both the Ink as well as the Wood Grain.
Again these are FUN, FANCY & Uniquely Yours :)

Getting Family & Friends Together is FUN !!! Don't Stress..."You Got This...!"

Enjoy Your Beautiful Celebration with
FaNcY Garnishes for Simply FaBuLoUs Parties :)

Lola Loves A Party