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★This is a brand new recipe and I am so loving this as I use it frequently on my sensitive skin and lips. The citric acid acts as a preservative however be careful not to allow water into the jar.

Wonderful oils and a vegan soap to make one great combo and makes a great hand soap too. Some settling might occur due to soap content. If you have sensitive skin try in UNSCENTED only and not for children. NO, This is not a scrub sitting in a pool of oils and not greasy at all :)

8 ounce jar and filled by weight not by volume. Some settling may occur.

★INSTRUCTIONS: Best used when bathing. Wet skin, apply and the dry scrub turns into a creamy, exfoliating lather, rinse then immediately bath or shower as usual. Helps with dead skin and NOT greasy. Also make a great hand soap for exfoliating.

★ESSENTIAL OIL CHOICES: I purchased the wrong jars for this amazing scrub that is why it only comes in a fragrance oil choice or fragrance free.

I can fit several full size jars in a flat rate, priority mail medium box for $12.00.

I will send a paypal request for any shipping under payments.


Shipping NOT included if not in USA due to the postal service charges different prices based on each country. You must email me your country destination and list of items for a shipping quite FIRST. I will provide you a link based on to determine which method fits your budget.

★ALL SALES ARE FINAL: Products are not a substitute for medical advice .

Not a wholesale item yet. Only available for retail price .

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