3 Felt Owl Valentine Ornament Set, Holiday Valentine Decor, Winter Mini Owl Ornaments * Ready to ship A891

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3 Felt owls are singing. They love Christmas and they are a perfect for a gift for a very special person. Each of them is unique because it was made by hand by me in my little enchanted studio in Raleigh North Carolina. I made each of them with all my love and care one stitch at the time.

They are ornaments, they came with a ribbon that allow you to hung them anywhere you want or attach them to a beautiful box. They can also be placed in your special Christmas decor corner. They are made using Eco-friendly felt from recycled post-costumer plastic bottles.

Size: Each Owl Measures 3.25 inches wide x 3.0 inches.
Materials: Eco-friendly felt from recycled post-costumer plastic bottles.
Accessories: It brings a little bell inside.
It has a loop of ribbon to hung it anywhere you want.
Handmade and 100% hand stitched by me at Home.
No allergic materials or pets at home.


Feeling Crafty? Now you can order my sewing pattern to create your own toy at home or as many as you want (Please read the Polices for termns and conditions:


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I design all my toys from scratch, I made the sketch, then I cut the shape pattern, I decide the textures, cut the pattern and then I sew it! I would love to hear from you, Contact me if you have questions, requests or any comment about my products. Be sure to see more of my work and items at

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