Personalized Family Platter - For Grandparents, Mothers, Families

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A perfect gift for a loved family member, especially special grandparents!

Handpainted large ceramic platter, personalized with your family's faces and names!

When ordering, I'll need to know the following:
1. Title of plate (example: Granna's Blooms, Ma & Pa's Angels, Mom's Crew)
2. List of people to be featured on the plate including names, approximate age, hair color and style, eye color and any special details (glasses, pony-tail, hair bows, etc.)
3. Inscription for the back of the plate (Happy Birthday, Nana! We love you, Love your grandchildren, 2010)
4. Special colors and/or design you'd like included in the lettering and background

Please note -- this listing is for one large ceramic platter. For examples of other styles, check my shop.

Please allow three to four weeks from purchase date for shipment.

All my pottery is kiln fired, food-safe, lead-free, dishwasher & microwave safe.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, specifics or for more photo examples.