9" Preinflated Metallic Star Balloons - A set of 4 balloons

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Product Info

The price includes 4 preinflated blue star balloons. These 9" preinflated metallic star balloons are great for creating centerpieces for all kinds of special events. We mix the 9" star balloons with the 4" star balloons (sold separately) to create a fun and inexpensive party centerpiece. These balloons come with white plastic sticks so that they easily can be added to a styrofoam or oasis form that is set within a centerpiece container. We have used plastic vases, all kinds of planters, plastic top hats, and more. Then we add shred, mylar sprays, ting ting, boas to create the perfect look. We have all of these items available and they are sold separately. If you don't see them in our store, just let us know and we will add them. The 9" metallic balloons may also be available in silver, gold, or green. Contact us for availability of color preferences.