Squash Partners - 3 Tissue Pom Kit - Portland Original - Halloween Orange and Black

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Squishy, squashy, squash. The vibrant oranges give bursts of color to any space.

{Squash Partners} carrot, goldenrod and apricot
3 tissue poms
1 large (18")
2 mediums (12-14")
All poms are tied with wire and twisted with a loop for easy hanging. Monofilament included!

A step-by-step guide to fluffing your tissue poms will be available online. Please send me a message if you want priority and your time deadline. We can work something out.

Once you are done with the tissue poms, you can "defluff" them and reuse them for a future party or recycle them. They are 100% made of recycled content! Yay for being green and gorgeous.

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