Wine - 1 Large Tissue Papered Pom DIY Kit - Dark Red - Burgandy Custom Color

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Tissue pom are an easy and chic way to decorate your next event or space (nurseries, baby showers, bridal showers, graduations, weddings etc) with these gorgeous tissue pom poms.

{Color Shown: Wine}
Each kit contain 1 tissue pom
1 large pom (~18")
Each tissue pom has a loop for easy hanging.
Spool of monofilament for hanging the poms
A step-by-step guide to fluffing your pom will be available online

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Once you are done with the tissue pom poms, you can "defluff" them and reuse them for a future party or recycle them. They are 100% made of recycled content! Yay for being green and gorgeous.

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