Marlene L

Marlene L


Bloomfield, New Jersey, United States

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What happens when a 5 year-old boy (Sam) and his 35 year-old mom (Marlene) embark on an adventure to discover artful, whimsical, inspiring, fun objects and activities they can enjoy together and share with others? A new concept in gift giving, décor and celebration, called Sunshine Sam!

Sunshine Sam’s collection of unique gifts, inspired art and playful party supplies allow children to show off their signature style, while building upon what they learn at school and observe in the world around them.

And, the best part is that parents will love everything too!

About Marlene:

After 14 years as a Brand Manager and Marketing Consultant, I contemplated a career change. I dove full-time into “Sam’s World”, volunteering at school, researching fun activities and planning silly parties for Sam and his friends. I also passed along a tradition taught to me by my own mother, of hunting for unique birthday and holiday gifts way ahead of time, and storing them in our “Gift Closet.”

As we embarked on this adventure, I realized how few products in typical children’s stores actually coincided with Sam's 4 year-old interests in meaningful way. When Sam was born, he was showered with hand-made blankets, adorable clothing, and many monogrammed gifts. Every item was so precious!

But as Sam learned the alphabet, became fascinated with building, drawing and soccer, and dreamed of becoming a Veterinarian, I just couldn’t find special items for our home that captured these interests.

So I began cataloging items from magazines, etsy and Pinterest, gift shops and craft fairs, like it was my job--determined to find products with artful and inspirational design and purpose.

Soon we began giving gifts from our Gift Closet to Sam’s friends—starting with the “You’re Super!” capes. His friends,boys and girls, alike- loved the capes with the simple message that we thought they were "SUPER!"

Then, word began to spread…We began accepting orders for capes and masks “for fun” until Sam asked me innocently one day, “Mommy, can we open our own store? We will sell everything we love, and I will be in charge of the cash register after school".

So there you have it…the genesis of Sunshine Sam!