Goldie M

Goldie M


Westminster, Colorado, United States

More about me

I have been throwing theme parties since my children were little, always trying to make each one a little more unique and special. I still love planning and creating theme parties, but now it is always with my grown daughter. We love vibrant colors, glitter, uniqueness, and I LOVE dazzling details that tie everything together! I especially love to make the person the event is honoring as well as each guest feel extra special in some way. We love to design and create almost everything ourselves, including the themed food and cakes. Just last year I discovered Pinterest - Yikes! Needless to say it has inspired many more ideas.:) We mainly do events for friends or family and have designed decor for many events for the local MS Society center where I became involved because I have MS.

My daughter and I started a small business, "Glittering Galas", in early 2012 but just months later (fall 2012) I unfortunately gave up just about everything I loved doing (including the idea of a business) when I was also diagnosed with an aggressive breast cancer. I have been fighting about a year now and am still on treatments. I lost all drive and ambition for awhile, but now am trying to figure out how to focus my love of detailed parties into more of a gift for others instead of a business, and also how to afford to do them. Unfortunately doing a nice job, even if it is mostly DIY, is quite pricey if I want an event up to my standards. (Once the juices start flowing I tend to want to go overboard, as my credit cards and hubby will attest). My new re-focused dream I guess, is to be able to use my gift and love of fun, colorful parties in a way that would glorify God. (and of course to see the wonderful looks of joy and amazement on my adorable little grandchildren's faces when the celebrations I do, big or small, are for them!).