The Savvy Moms Guide B

The Savvy Moms Guide B


More about me

Welcome to The Savvy Moms Guide. We are 2 average moms who enjoy making the EveryDay SAVVY.

We have found that Spray Paint, Scrapbook Paper and Fabric can give anything a facelift. The Dollar Bin at Target is better than a Sale Rack at Nordstrom's (well maybe not, but that is what we tell our husbands). Pictures of family are Priceless compared to Framed Art (and cheaper). And nothing is better than Starbucks......but you can live without it, as long as you have a good Coffee Creamer.

We love to create the Ultimate Play date, to Give Amazing Parties, and Design all things to Perfection.....for Pennies.

We hope you enjoy making the EveryDay Savvy with us!!