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DIY Tutorial From A Catch My Party Member: How to Make a Dramatic but Simple Winter Centerpiece

Nicole, who created the gorgeous Sugar Plum Fairy Birthday Party we've featured on our site, was so kind to put together a tutorial for how she made her tulle garlands.

Now she's being unbelievably generous by putting together another tutorial, this one for how she made her dramatic gumdrop branch centerpieces. Thank you, Nicole...

When designing my Sugar Plum Fairy party, I was on a tight budget. I didn't have money for lavish floral arrangements, so I had to be creative. I wanted something that would carry through the wintry Sugar Plum Fairy theme, and came up with these below:

They're incredibly easy to make, cost very little, and were striking because of their large size.


  • Branches (I just gathered mine when our neighbor did some massive trimming of his mesquite trees)
  • Spray paint (I used silver)
  • Some type of vessel or vase
  • Either styrofoam or stones to keep the sticks in place
  • gumdrops (optional, but cute!)

1) Break off branches in whatever desired length.

2)  Spray paint branches any color.

3)  Put sticks in a vase or other receptacle of your choice.  You can use floral foam or just stones from the yard to make the sticks extra secure, but if you have a tall vase, even that probably isn't necessary. I used foam to secure the branches in a compote for the Sugar Plum Fairy party, and used strips of tulle to hide the foam in a cloud of material.
For some of the arrangments scattered through the house where I didn't need floral foam, I added a little bit of sugar in the bottom of the vase to look like snow and hide the price sticker.
4)  If you'd like to, push gumdrops on the tips of the branches.  It looked perfect for our Nutcracker ballet Land of Sweets!
That's all there is to it!  I used this technique again last weekend for our annual gingerbread house decorating party, where I hung Swedish cones full of Chex mix from the branches on my anti-dessert table.
It's large scale, it's dramatic, and the only thing I spent any money on was the $5 can of spraypaint.  That's just the kind of craft I like!

Thank you, Nicole for another great tutorial!

If you make a centerpiece like this for one of your parties, please email me photos so I can post them. Also, please check out Nicole’s other amazing parties on our site, and to get more of her party tips and learn about her handmade tiaras, veils, and other wedding accessories, please read Nicole's blog, Tradewind Tiaras.

(Do you have a DIY project from one of your parties that you’d like to share?  Please email me at  I’d love to show it off!)

Love the Day has FREE New Year's Printables to Raise Awareness for Operation Shower

We are big fans of Operation Shower here. So when Lindi from Love the Day contacted me about the FREE New Year's printables she's giving away to raise awareness for Operation Shower I had to give it a big shout out. First of all, the printables are gorgeous!

And secondly, Operation Shower, the non-profit organization that provides baby showers for military families to ease the burden of deployment, couldn't be more worthy of some attention this holiday season.

All Lindi asks if that if you use her printables, you spread the word about Operation Shower in the following ways:

1. Check out Operation Shower’s website to find ways to donate or volunteer

2. Tell your friends, family, and neighbors about Operation Shower and the Give Thanks project.

3. Facebook/Tweet/Blog about this FREE DOWNLOAD so more people will come and read about Operation Shower.

4. Donate to Operation Shower here.

Thanks Lindi, for helping raise awareness for such a worthy cause while giving people a little something extra special for their New Year's parties!

TRENDS: Stunning Christmas Dinner Tables on Catch My Party

Not just dessert tables... Christmas dinner tables.  Now that we're in the Christmas home stretch, I thought you'd find these tables inspiring...

Frog Prince Paperie's Joyeux Noel Christmas Dinner

Lilian O's Oliver Family Christmas

Chris N's Kids' Candy Coated Christmas Party

I can't wait to see what your Christmas dinner tables look like. Please add them to our site so I can post!

FREE Christmas Printables Round Up

We've been so fortunate to have been given so many FREE printable collections for the holidays. In case you're still looking for some, you'll be sure to find something perfect here...

Printables from Munchkin Designs - Includes an invitation, party circles, wine gift tags, wine labels, food tags, cupcake wrappers, and a festive “cheers” banner.

Printables from the The Paper Dolls Shoppe - Includes an invitation, party circles, labels, drink flags, wine bottle labels, gift tags, and large party circles.

Printables from Love The Day - Includes gift tags and mini candy bar wrappers.

Printables from The Inspired Occassion - Includes an invitation, cupcake toppers/decorative circles, a large “Celebrate Christmas” bunting banner, food label tents/place cards, drink flags, and cake bunting banner.

Printables from Sparkling Events and Design - Includes gift tags and labels, an invitation or menu, large party circles, and medium party circles.

Thank you to Munchkin Designs, The Paper Dolls Shoppe, Love the Day, The Inspired Occasion, and Sparkling Events & Designs for giving us printables for the holidays! We absolutely love them!

If you use any for your celebrations, please add your parties to our site so we can feature them!

Also, a collection of New Year's printables from Piggy Bank Parties will be up soon. Stay tuned...

DIY Tutorial From A Catch My Party Member: How to Make A Tulle Garland

This Sugar Plum Fairy Birthday Party created by Nicole W is one of the most beautiful parties we've seen on our site this holiday season. I love so many details of this party, including the homemade tulle garland Nicole made to decorated her tree. Isn't it beautiful...

Nicole so kindly put together this tulle garland tutorial for us, just in time for Christmas. Thank you, Nicole! And here's how she did it...

The tulle garland I made for my Sugar Plum Fairy theme was astoundingly easy to make.  What sewing there is is so pathetically easy, that I hesitate to call it a project that even involves sewing.  Don't be intimidated, even if you've never picked up a needle and thread.


  • Tulle (also known as bridal illusion, available at any fabric store).  I used the 72" wide version, but any would work.  I wouldn't use the spools of 6" wide tulle you can find at the craft store--the garland would end up being MUCH more expensive than if you bought colorful tulle at the fabric store.
  • Needle  (longer is better than shorter, but it's not critical)
  • Thread (you could use regular thread, but I liked the sturdiness that button thread gave me).
  • Scissors or a rotary cutter and mat.  Using a rotary cutter made the process blazingly fast, but it's certainly not necessary.


  • Cut the tulle into strips.  Mine were approximately 4" wide each, but make yours as wide or narrow as you'd like.  I just eyeballed mine.  Precision isn't really critical for this craft. (See, I told you it wasn't like real sewing!)  Each strip, when gathered, gave me about 10 inches of ruffled garland, so make a guess about how many strips you'll need.

  • Thread the needle with a length of thread as long as you'd like your garland to be.  Make a knot at one end, being sure to give yourself a few inches of tail to hang out so you can tie it to things, attach it to other garland, etc.  You can always cut it of later if you decide you don't need it.
  • Hold the strip of tulle and simply feed the tulle onto the needle, sort of like you're accordion folding the tulle on to the needle and thread.  Simply dip the needle up and down through the fabric, creating the most simple running stitch there is.  (Here's a link to the wikipedia entry for running stitch, if you think that might be helpful.  It's hard to describe with just words!

  • Once the entire strip of tulle is on the thread, push it down to the end of the thread, where it will be stopped by the knot.  Fluff it out until it looks right.  And that pretty twisty double-helixy thing going on in my garlands?  That will happen all by itself.   I told you it was easy!
  • Continue adding strips of tulle to your thread until you have a garland length you want.  Tie a knot in the end so that the tulle won't slip off, and you're done!
Thank you, Nicole for this easy tutorial!  I'm planning to make one for my tree this year.  If you make one, too, please email me photos so I can post them.

Check out more of Nicole’s other amazing parties on our site, and to learn more about her handmade tiaras, veils, and other wedding accessories, please read her blog, Tradewind Tiaras.

(Do you have a DIY project from one of your parties that you’d like to share?  Please email me at  I’d love to show it off!)

FREE Christmas Printables from the Paper Dolls Shoppe

Christmas has come early! We are giving away another collection of FREE Christmas party printables. This time it's a  "retro adorable" collection from Kelli Britt of the Paper Dolls Shoppe. We're giving away an invitation, party circles, labels, drink flags, wine bottle labels, gift tags, and large party circles. Thank you, Kelli, they are fabulous!!


Party circles


Drink flags

Wine bottle labels

Gift tags

Large party circles

Download the FREE high quality files for printing.


Party circles


Drink flags

Wine bottle labels

Gift tags

Large party circles

Thank you again, Kelli, for this wonderful collection. To see more of Kelli's delightful printables please visit her Paper Dolls Shoppe. Also, check out Kelli's previous Halloween and Thanksgiving collections on our site.

DIY Tutorial From a Catch My Party Member: How to Make Glitter Christmas Trees

Laura B made these gorgeous glitter Christmas trees as decorations for her Crafty Kids Christmas Party. Not only did they add serious sparkle to her party, but wait 'til you see how inexpensive and easy they are to make.

Laura so generously put together this tutorial for us. Thank you, Laura!

Supplies you will need:

  • 3 styrofoam trees: I used sizes, 15x5, 12x4 and 9x4, but you can use any size you want.
  • 3 small candlesticks. I found these at Michaels for $1.00
  • Spray adhesive
  • Elmer’s glue for the glitter on the bottom and a stronger epoxy like glue ( I used E6000) to glue the tree to the candlesticks
  • Glitter in any colors you LOVE
  • White spray paint
Here’s what you do:
  • Give your tree a good coating of the spray adhesive. It dries pretty fast so you won’t have to wait too too long. Leave the bottom of the tree undone, you will glitter this at the end.
  • Once you have your tree coated in glue, cover it completely with the glitter. Do this for all three trees and then set them aside to dry.
  • While they are drying, you can spray paint your candlesticks. Let those dry. I even saw pretty silver candlesticks. That would look cool to just leave them silver.
  • Now take your E6000 and glue the candlesticks to the trees. Let them sit overnight. They have to be really good and dry.
  • When everything is good and dry, flip them over and put a little Elmer’s glue on the bottom around where the tree is glued to the candlestick. Glitter this.
  • You are done! Find the perfect spot for these and wait for all the compliments. They are so pretty that I had several people not believe I made them!

(I have to give the credit for this tutorial to eighteen25. I originally saw it here.)

What sparkley and fun Christmas trees!  Thank you again, Laura, for sharing with us.

To learn more about Laura and find great party tips and ideas, visit her blog, Cupcakes and Lemonade. Also visit her Etsy shop for cute printables, cards, and invitations.

FREE Christmas Printables from Sparkling Events and Designs

More free holiday printables, you ask? Why yes! Ebony from Sparking Events and Designs has given us these fun and flirty Christmas printables to give away to our readers. Picture a "glam" Christmas party, and now you've got your decor. There are gift tags and labels, an invitation or menu, large party circles, and medium party circles.  Take a look...

The set includes gift tags or labels, an invitation or menu, large party circles, and medium party circles

Large party circle

Regular party circles

Download the FREE high quality files for printing here:

Gift tags/Labels


Regular Party Circles

Large Party Circles

Thank you, Ebony, for these dazzling printables!! To learn more about Ebony and her event planning business, check out her blog, Sparking Events and Designs. And to see her fabulous parties in action, check them out on our site.

TRENDS: Kids' Christmas Parties on Catch My Party

Take a look at these seriously fantastic kids' parties we've seen on our site... I'm blown away by all the creativity.

Courtney D's Children's Gingerbread House Decorating Party - This gingerbread house is unbelievable and we love the candy cane Christmas trees. We haven't seen those before.

The Savvy Mom's Guides Gingerbread Play Party - The chefs hats and aprons are too cute, and there were two fun activities at this party: birdhouse decorating and cookie decorating.

Laura B's Crafty Kids Christmas Party - What a gorgeous table filled with candy canes, peppermint sticks, cookies, and snowballs and we love how Santa made a surprise appearance at the party.

Amanda P's Snowman Children's Holiday Party - There are so many great details here from the snowball garlands to the big snowman centerpiece and little snowmen made out of marshmallows.

Laura M's Cookie Decorating Playdate - Such a pretty dessert table. We love all the red accents like the red sodas, red cupcakes and red backdrop.

If you throw a kids' holiday party of your own, please add it to our site so we can show it off!

DIY Tutorial From a Catch My Party Member: How to Make Gorgeous DIY Fairy Wands

We get so many fairy parties on our site, it's definitely a top theme.  So when I saw these gorgeous fairy wands Candace M made for her daughter, Janelle's Pixie Hollow Party, I had to ask her how she made them.

She graciously put together this tutorial. Thank you Candace!

These fairy wands were a big hit at my daughter's pixie hollow party. They were used in the fairy tag game and then taken home as favors. Supplies Needed:

  • 7/16 inch wooden dowels that are 12 inches long
  • 5/8 inch ribbon in color of choice
  • A bunch of artificial roses with leaves
  • 1/8 inch ribbon in 3 or 4 different colors
  • Scissors
  • Glue gun

Take a wooden dowel and apply hot glue to the side of the dowel and wind the ribbon tightly around the dowel working your way down to where the glue stops. Continue adding glue and winding ribbon around the dowel.

Once the dowel is covered in ribbon, take a rose from rose bunch and cut the top close to the stem.

Hot glue the rose top to the top of the dowel holding for about a minute.

Using the rose leaves from the rose bunch, hot glue the leaves around the top of the dowel just under the rose.

Tie the 1/8 inch ribbon strips around the top of the dowel to finish off the fairy wand.  You can add a tiny amount of hot glue to make sure the ribbons do not slide down the wand.

Let the magic begin!

Thank you, Candice, for this easy tutorial. The end product is so beautiful!

To learn more about Candace, visit her blog Candy and Cake and also check out her gorgeous parties on our site.

(Do you have a DIY project from one of your parties that you’d like to share?  Please email me at  I’d love to show it off!)

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