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Sleepover Parties, Rainbow Easter Cupcakes, and Moss Covered Letter

I wanted to share the posts I did for Spoonful this week...

Having a sleepover birthday party?  Get some great ideas for your party!

Sleepover Party Ideas |

Find a whole gallery of cupcake ideas for Easter!

Easter Cupcake Ideas |

Learn how to cover amonogram letter with moss for a lovely home decor look!

Moss covered letter DIY |

Learn to make these bright rainbow your cupcakes for Easter!

Easter Dyed Cupcakes |

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Easter Egg Mini Candy Wreath DIY

Easter egg mini candy wreath DIY |

Virginie, from That Cute Little Cake is here with a great way to decorate for Easter, something kids will love!

Put a smile on your kids' faces this Easter by decorating their drink bottles with a mini Easter Egg wreath!

This is a quick project that is sure to get the little ones excited.

Mini Easter Egg Wreath |


  • Candy (I used Mini Cadbury Eggs and Easter M&Ms)
  • Cardstock
  • Royal icing (I colored mine blue so it would show on the pictures but white is OK)
  • A small Ziploc bag
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Something round to trace a circle (about 2" in diameter)
Mini Easter Egg Wreath |


  • Trace a circle about 2" in diameter on a piece of cardstock.
  • Cut a little inside and a little outside the circle to get a ring.
  • Place a small amount of royal icing in a ziploc bag and snip the corner of the bag with scissors.
  • Use this easy piping bag to pour royal icing onto the cardstock ring (work on a piece on non-stick parchment paper so it will be easy to lift the wreath when dry).
  • Now have fun decorating your wreath. Just push the mini eggs into the icing and let dry overnight.  
Mini Easter Egg Wreath |
Mini Easter Egg Wreath |
When dry, add a ribbon and tie around a bottle. If you wish, you can make a little bow with some ribbon and "glue" it to the wreath using a little royal icing.

Add a cute straw and you're done !

Mini Easter Egg Wreath |

Thanks, Virginie, for this sweet decoration! To learn more about Virginie, please visit her at That Cute Little Cake and on Facebook and Pinterest.

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Budget-Friendly Kids' Easter Dessert Table Ideas

Budget Kids' Easter Party Ideas |


Laura Aguirre from Laura's Little Party is here with some easy and budget-friendly Easter dessert table ideas your kids will love!

I’m hopping with excitement for Easter to arrive! I love setting up a dessert table with the kids in mind. Pretty spring colors, and lots of goodies that little fingers can handle. This year I’m dipping lots of treats in chocolate! It’s such an easy way to make your store bought treats look more festive and delicious. And don’t forget the sprinkles!

If you’ll be setting up a kiddie Easter dessert table, here are a few ideas for you:

1. Add some fun Easter details in your decor

I set out pretty pastel cake stands, and hung Spring colored lanterns that I found at The 99cent Only Store. I also repainted my bubblegum machine and added some colorful plastic Easter eggs inside.

Kid's Easter Dessert Table |

I assembled an easy banner for the front of my dessert table with foam rabbits, and egg cut-outs that I found at The 99cent Only Store. I also attached a couple of egg cut-outs to the front of my popcorn holders.

Kid's Easter Dessert Table |

2. Choose treats that are colorful

There’s nothing more enticing for a child than colorful treats! To keep it Easter themed, I chose goodies that were pastel colored. I found things in pink, purple, yellow, blue, and green.


Kid's Easter Dessert Table |

3. Make your treats kid-friendly

I chose treats that were easy for small hands & fingers to pick up. Mini cupcakes, tiny macarons, bird Peeps, cookies, popcorn, and bunny Peeps on sticks. These are all items that don’t require serving utensils, so clean-up is even a bit easier!

Kid's Easter Dessert Table | Kid's Easter Dessert Table |

4. Make sure you have take-home containers available

It’s always a good idea to provide something for your little guests to take treats home with them! I found some adorable cupcake boxes at The 99cent Only Store. I assembled them, and set them out for the kids to grab, and then fill with their favorite treats. And boy, did they!

Kid's Easter Dessert Table |

Wishing you and your family a very Happy Easter!

Thanks, Laura, for all your easy tips. To learn more about Laura, find her at Laura's Little Party and on Facebook and Pinterest.

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Sugar Cookie Easter Basket DIY

Sugar cookie Easter basket DIY |

How cute are these sugar cookie Easter baskets filled with edible grass and jelly beans? What kid wouldn't want to get one of these as an Easter treat!



Spray muffin tin with cooking spray so your baskets don't stick. Roll sugar cookie dough into a ball. Shape it to line the insides of a mini muffin tin. You might want to add a tiny lip at the top to make the top of the basket (not shown).

Sugar cookie Easter basket DIY |

Bake until golden brown. Cool, then gently remove from muffin tin. Using a sharp needle or pin, poke tiny holes at the top of the basket to feed your edible grass through to make the handle. Fill with green edible grass shreds and jelly beans!

Sugar cookie Easter basket DIY |

Sugar cookie Easter basket DIY |

I just love how these turned out!

Fondant Easter Egg Cookie Pops DIY

Fondant Easter egg cookie pop DIY

I love cookie pops, so I thought I'd try my hand at Easter egg cookie pops in cute pastel colors. I even used fondant (which is like edible Play Doh - so fun!) and the whole thing was much easier than I thought it would be.


First I rolled out sugar cookie dough until it was about 1/4 inch thick (you want it on the thick side so you can insert your sticks).

Here's our fantastic sugar cookie recipe if you want homemade dough. Otherwise you can use store bought.

I then used this Easter egg shaped cookie cutter and cut out my eggs.

Fondant Easter egg cookie pop DIY

 Using these 11.5" lollipop sticks, I carefully inserted them into my cut out  eggs until they were about half-way up the egg.

I baked my cookies until they were nice and crisp, so they would stand up as pops. Since the cookies spread when baking, while they were still warm out of the oven, I trimmed the edges to make them more in the shape of eggs.

Fondant Easter egg cookie pop DIY

I rolled out my white fondant until it was about 1/8 inch thick, used my cookie to trace an egg shape, but left 1/4 inch extra on each side for wrapping. Then I carefully wrapped them onto the flat side of the cookie pop. You can use a light layer of white frosting as glue. I only wrapped one side, but feel free to wrap both.


To make the stripes, you can either use pastel fondant or make your own, by adding a dab of food coloring to a ball of fondant and blending it in. (This is what I did.)

I rolled out my colored fondant and using a pizza cutter, cut out strips. Using a dab of water to the back of the strip, I attach them to my pop.

Fondant Easter egg cookie pop DIY

I trimmed the edges and voila! Here I've set them out on pink edible grass to display, my coolest find this spring!

Fondant Easter egg cookie pop DIY

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Washi Tape Easter Basket DIY

Washi Tape Easter Basket DIY |

Melissa Newell from My Party Passion, is here with a quick and easy Easter basket craft that is so cute!

Happy Spring everyone. Still waiting for the last snow to melt here in New York, but I see the spring light at the end of the snowy tunnel. Plants are starting to come up, birds are singing, and the chipmunks are starting to dig to recover their winter leftovers.

I have Easter on the mind today. I wanted to share a real easy tutorial that you and the children can craft together using plastic water bottles or soda bottles and some washi tape. Pretty easy, right!

Washi Tape Easter Basket DIY |

Step 1: I Cut your plastic bottle the size you want it. Of course you can GO Big and use a 2 liter container and make a darling centerpiece, but I went small, and each guest at our Easter table will have one at their place setting.

Washi Tape Easter Basket DIY |

Step 2: Making your handle. This is a little tricky and requires two people. I measured out the size handle I wanted and doubled the size so I had two of the same size pieces of washi tape. Then I put stuck them together to make the handle.

Washi Tape Easter Basket DIY |

** The key is leaving some room at each end of the handle to stick the handle to your plastic container. Then once you start covering it, the handle will be covered up.

Washi Tape Easter Basket DIY |

Washi Tape Easter Basket DIY |

Step 3: Start your washi tape pattern around your basket piece.

Washi Tape Easter Basket DIY |

Washi Tape Easter Basket DIY | Once you are done – decorate with some Easter grass and a few chocolates or jelly beans.

Washi Tape Easter Basket DIY |

Didn’t they come out so cute?! The children can make them for their teachers, neighbors and grandparents. I am hoping to find enough plastic bottles around so we can make some to bring over to the nursing home.

Washi Tape Easter Basket DIY |

Until next time – Party On Friends and THINK SPRING!

Thank you, Melissa, I love how your crafts turn everyday objects into such sweetnees! To learn more about Melissa, visit her at My Party Passion.


Need Last Minute Easter Treat Ideas?


Need some ideas for last minute Easter treats for your celebrations this weekend? Check out these cool Easter treat ideas!

{DIY} Decorated Marshmallow Pops


I'm a huge fan of Laura's Little Party. She makes the most original treats and throws the most gorgeous parties!

Here's a photo of some marshmallow pops she made for her Hoppy Easter Party. If you'd like to make some yourself, check out this decorated marshmallow pop tutorial I did on Spoonful.


{DIY} How to Make a Plastic Easter Egg Garland


I made this plastic Easter egg garland as a decoration for my Arts & Crafts Easter table. It was so easy to make! To see the whole tutorial, check out my post on Spoonful!

FREE Easter Party Printables from BluGrass Designs

This "Hoppity Hop" collection designed by Paula at BluGrass Designs.

The collection includes: invitations, water bottle labels, mini candy bar wrappers, party flags, tented cards, favor tags, cupcake wrappers, party tags, patterned paper, and a "Happy Easter" banner.


Check out the whole collection...


And see the individual files...











Easter Party Package-18

Easter Party Package-17


To learn more about Paula and see all of her printables, head to the BluGrass Designs Etsy shop and Facebook page.

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