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Colored Water Centerpiece DIY

by Jillian Leslie on

Colored water centerpiece perfect for spring and Easter! |

I'm so ready for spring! So in preparation for the days getting longer and the flowers starting to bloom, check out this colored water centerpiece DIY from Shauna at Ella and Annie Magazine. Isn't it beautiful? All you need to make it are mason jars, white flowers, and food coloring. How awesome would this look decorating your Easter table!

In only a few simple steps you can create a colorful and affordable centerpiece for any holiday or event. The best part is, you can make it any assortment of colors you like.

Quick and Easy Mason Jar Easter Treats

by Jillian Leslie on

Quick and Easy Mason Jar Easter Treats |

Today we're sharing a DIY project for making quick and easy mason jar Easter treats from Shauna at Ella and Annie Magazine. I love how simple these are and how cute, almost too cute to eat!

These chocolate bunny mason jar Easter treats are so easy to make and so cute! They make the perfect Easter gift to family, friends, classmates, or even co-workers. The best part! The contents are completely edible!

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