Party Recap

With an August birthday I thought the best way to beat the heat would be to have a beach party this year for my son's BIG 5 birthday. He had a blast and it was a blast to plan. So many cute beach ideas out there! Interestingly enough, while we were beating the heat with a beach party I was having AC problems! What luck!


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    Cake, cupcakes, green apple sea weed, life savers, inner tube peach rings, shark bites (gummies), chocolate covered oreos

  • Party Favors

    Flip flip nutter butters for the adults and beach pails full of goodies for the kiddos

  • Activities / Games

    surfing, sand castle building, slip and slide, pool

  • What People Ate

    Submarine sandwiches, sandy fruit kabobs, pop corn, chips, jelly fish (jello jigglers), veggies, pb&j sushi, gold fish

  • What People Drank

    Sparkling lemonade, Ocean Waters, Pina Colada Punch Soda


Party Helpers

  • Friends and family


    My biggest helpers were my best friends and my parents! My dad made the surf board that rocked back and forth and side to side to simulate real surfing, and my mom helped me with all the good. My best friend also put in many hours of decorating.



  • Anais A

    Anais A wrote:

    The popcorn cones are great did you make those?

  • Anais A

    Anais A wrote:

    now this is adorable and very creative, where did you buy the oreo cookie molds?

  • no photo

    Sarah S wrote:

    I did make them. They are actually upside down party hats that I assembled a little tighter. If you look closely, the images are upside down! :)

  • no photo

    Sarah S wrote:

    I actually did not use a mold. I simple dipped the oreos in chocolate. A little messy for a perfectionist...but luckily water is wavy!

  • no photo

    Kimberly S wrote:

    Nutter Butter flip-flops!?!?!? Genius!!!!!!!!!

  • Scotty D

    Scotty D wrote:

    where did you get all the printable from? food tent cards etc? And what is the photo booth background made out of? I am assuming the bottom is a blue tarp.

  • no photo

    Sarah S wrote:

    I got the printables from Totful Memories on Etsy and the background is a backdrop from Oriental Trading Company. The bottom is a blue tarp and we just made the surf board. Very Easy!

  • Scotty D

    Scotty D wrote:

    Okay...doesn't look like she has this pattern anymore. Thank you

  • Kylee L

    Kylee L wrote:

    How did you get the beach balls to stay in place on the grass?

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