Party Recap

Being that it was summer..a garden tea party seemed like the best idea…. Floral prints and beautiful summer colors..this invite had to scream girly day!! This invite above can be picked up in my shop see listing:

Let Them Drink Tea...
The first thought I had after the tea party invites went out was where am I going to find all these tea cups!!!! A couple amazing friends offered their tea cups that were heirlooms that have been passed down by generations…but knowing the range of kids was from 4-10 and mistakes happen…I couldn’t do it.. So the family and I took a trip to Goodwill…. I wanted each girl to have a different cup… And Goodwill did not disappoint… They had shelves and shelves of tea cups…I even found some beautiful Queen Anne China… People were so sweet they saw the collection of tea pots and cups in my cart and actually started helping us look… I also found some great silver trays to serve cookies and other little treats at the party..

Another great idea is picking up plain white tea cups..and supply paint for the kids to decorate their tea cups during the party..this is great for an outdoor event..Don’t want the mess..use stickers, which are great for smaller guests..

Get the kids involved…

This being an outdoor garden tea party…I wanted to bring natural elements into the decor in a fun and creative way… So instead of your normal place cards…I thought why not find some great rocks and have my daughter paint each one with a different child’s name on it.. Well we did just that….ended up by the creek picking out the best rocks…if you are picking your rocks out on the trail remember to scrub them clean before painting them… Actually my daughter had a blast painting each rock and making it special in her own way for each girl.. At the end of the party we asked each girl if they wanted to take their rock home and needless to say..they all did…

wanted to keep the decorations really floral themed tying in the garden tea party theme.. Cupcake toppers with pictures of cupcakes and cups of tea and being that my daughter was throwing the party we named our cafe..Tayah’s Tea Emporium… Flag banners in beautiful floral patterns and a gorgeous tea time banner flanked our tent.. You can pick up a printable party pack in my Etsy shop with over 15 party supplies in my garden tea party theme…add glitter, ribbons..make it your own at:

With the weather being unpredictable I knew it was either going to be very hot or raining….So I did end up borrowing a tent from my husbands friend..which ended up being a blessing considering it rained for half the party… Another thought was that I wanted to hang tissue pom flowers over the table.. I also designed some beautiful butterflies in polka-dot pink, blue, green and yellow..printed and cut them out…and taped them onto fishing line, about 4 to 5 butterflies per string… I hung these in between the paper poms..again tying in natural elements and the garden tea party theme..

Centerpieces are always the big questions when it comes to a kids party..I knew that I wanted the girls to feel like they were at a sophisticated party..but then again I also wanted them to have fun and be silly…So the centerpiece really should reflect this… And that’s where my lollipop flower bouquet was born… I picked up at the dollar store some lollipops in different colors, foam pencil holders (so they could be used again later), moss, and styrofoam balls… DIY will be coming soon I promise…

What to do…….

So being that my party guests covered a wide range, which also meant that activities needed to be easy enough for everyone…and challenging and fun for the older guests… Well the first place you start is with your theme… So I asked myself what do women wear to tea parties?? Of course beautiful hats!!!! We made tea party hats that all of the guests decorated and wore while sipping their tea… I made them with paper bowls but you could use plates as well… The one tip you have to know is.. Punch two holes an inch apart on the top of your hats and thread a hair band through it…this will allow the kids to play and have fun and all the while their hat is secure… Check out my complete DIY here with step by step instructions:

The kids loved them…we used tissue paper, glue, a wide variety of stickers and feathers to decorate and of course streamers for accents…

I also found a great deal at the dollar store on beads…I picked up bags of them and fishing line for the girls to make some fancy jewelry for the party…. Large beads worked great for all the girls…The smaller kids really only needed help starting and finishing their necklaces…

Once the girls were all dressed in their finest…they sat down for tea… Being that my daughter was the only one out of the group who enjoyed an actual cup of tea..the girls poured lemonade out of tea pots… munched on all things sugary..cupcakes, cookies, bars and candy…mini sandwhiches, vegetables and dip and some bite size fruit also added to the mix.. I let the girls pour their own tea and pick out their own treats which really let them feel like they were grown ups at their own event….And not one tea cup was sacrificed for the cause…

After posing for a beautiful group shot each girl went home with a personalized gift bag.. I filled it with lollipops, candy and a small bag of beads and fishing line to take home and make a matching bracelet… Gift bags below are available in my complete party pack..


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