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Hayley's Masterchef Party - Cooking Party
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  • 24 June 2012
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Alanna T says...

@ 14:53 on Jan 05, 2013

How do you play the chocolate game?


Toni C says...

@ 04:47 on Jan 12, 2013

Children make a circle. Block of chocolate goes in the middle on a plate/chopping board etc. you need a dice, first child rolls the dice if they roll a 6 then they must cut the chocolate with a knife and fork and eat it (only one block at a time) they continue until another 6 is rolled. the dice is passed around the circle and rolled by each child until another 6 is rolled then that child becomes the one in the middle cutting and eating. i hope that makes sense? it becomes very loud and exciting as the children try to roll a 6 and quite funny to watch!


Toni C says...

@ 04:50 on Jan 12, 2013

actually looking back at the photos i put the chocolate on a little tray to prevent slipping and mess :)


Megan V says...

@ 05:09 on Jun 06, 2013

Hey where can I get the invite from?


Toni C says...

@ 00:34 on Jun 07, 2013

@Megan V I made the invitations.


Notgivingyou M says...

@ 11:23 on Sep 07, 2013

Hi! How did you get the masterchef logo for your decorations?


Toni C says...

@ 06:13 on Sep 08, 2013

@NOTGIVING YOU I hand painted them with fabric paint onto the chefs hats and aprons using a template I made up.

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