Party Recap

My daughters and I love to watch the food networks show "Cupcake Wars". My oldest daughter decided several months before her party that she would love to have a Cupcake Wars birthday party. Her birthday is always a challenge because it's at the end of January. Were always tight on budget from the holiday's and the weather is never nice to support an outside party! So I'm always looking for a creative and budget friendly idea. This one fit that perfectly!! I was surprised how inexpensive it was and the girls are still talking about how much fun they had. I encourage all of you to just think outside the box...look around your house and see what you already have that you can repurpose for the party..visit the dollar store and dont be afraid to ask friends to borrow things! :)


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    We ordered Pizza that they ate while watching an episode of Cupcake Wars before we got started. We had small snack foods for them to munch on since it was a sleepover as well. Cheese and crackers, fresh fruit, cupcakes (of course), white chocolate popcorn and water. We kept it very simple which worked out perfect because they were way to busy to eat anyway!

  • What People Drank


  • Best Moment

    It was awesome watching them work together and use their creativity to come up with amazing ideas! They were so 100% into it the entire time and they all said they had so much fun that they wanted to do it every year...lol. We may just be having an Annual Cupcake War challenge :)

  • Funniest Moment

    When one team accidently put 2 cups of oil into their mix instead of 1/2 cup...lol..luckily we were watching and caught them before they did it.

  • Desserts

    Cupcakes and ice cream

  • Party Favors

    Each girl got to take their aprons and custom photo frame they were hanging on plus a mini treat bag filled with some goodies

  • Activities / Games

    The main activity was the cupcake war challenge. We split them into 2 teams and they had 3 cake mix flavors they could choose from and they had to add an ingredient from our "Pantry" into their cupcake somehow. The choices were gummy worms, crushed oreo's, smarties and pixie sticks. They then had to bake the cupcakes and come up with a display and theme for them. Their decorations were to match their theme and display. We provided them with cardboard boxes, tape, markers, empty toilet paper rolls, yarn and some premade cupcake toppers among other various craft items and they could use whatever they wanted from that to build their display. Each team presented their cupcakes to the judges and they were judged on taste and presentation as well as their display. The winning team had the honor of using their display as the birthday girls birthday cake.

  • Budget

    This was a very budget friendly party!! I spent a total of about $135 for everything, including the pizza. I spent about $45 for the aprons,fabric and photo frames. The treat bag cost $7 if I were to print them for you. I used cupcake liners to make garlands that I used to decorate around the house. I used a printed party banner and wrapping paper to line the shelves of my hutch to add some color and sparkle. The food we kept light and they supplies to bake the cupcakes was affordable. I was able to use sprinkles that I already had on hand. All of the items for them to build their displays were items we gathered from our house. I had no cake expense because we used the cupcakes that they made. I shopped at the dollar store for some extra rubber spatulas and containers. I used a 40% off coupon at Jo-Ann's and the little favor jars only cost me $4.00. The hardest and most expensive part of the party was the custom aprons. They took me longer than expected to make but they turned out sooo cute!! :)



  • Party Tales / Milenna S

    Party Tales / Milenna S wrote:

    love this theme!! so much fun!

  • Party Tales / Milenna S

    Party Tales / Milenna S wrote:

    I'd love to do this theme, just wondering was it too messy? :)

  • Party Tales / Milenna S

    Party Tales / Milenna S wrote:

    very creative!

  • Candy @Sweet By Candy M

    Candy @Sweet By Candy M wrote:

    Thanks Milenna!! It wasn't bad at all!! I was afraid of the mess as well and our kitchen and small...lol. I would recommend having everything ready for them and then all they have to do is mix it up, cook them and decorate..if you already have the icing bagged and ready and all of your toppings in little bowls that will be easy for them to access it's not bad at all. I used some cheap dollar store plastic table clothes to cover the table and then I could just roll everything up and throw it out! Good luck and I would love to see pics if you do decide to have one also! :)

  • Bridgette W

    Bridgette W wrote:

    This is super cute! Love it. Great job. :)

  • Candy @Sweet By Candy M

    Candy @Sweet By Candy M wrote:

    Thanks Bridgette!

  • no photo

    Christa C wrote:

    Did you make the aprons? I would love more information about this. I am planning a cupcake party for my daughter and LOVE yours!

  • no photo

    Bridget A wrote:

    I love this idea. My daughter is a huge fan of cupcake wars and would love to do this for her party. Please share how you made the aprons and the steps you took to make a logo. Thanks so much.

  • no photo

    Desiree C wrote:

    This party looks fabulous! Do you mind sharing where you purchased the custom iron on? Thank you!

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