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Keira's 2nd Pink Ladybug birthday party! - Pink & green Ladybugs
  • 35 guests
  • 16 July 2011
  • Our home / Gilbert / Arizona / United States



Sue H says...

@ 00:43 on Oct 26, 2011

Dsc_0209_thumb Sooo cute! How did you make this?


Virginia A says...

@ 11:22 on Dec 05, 2011

K4_thumb So cute! Are these bug houses/holders? Where did you buy them?


Brandi D says...

@ 06:55 on Feb 11, 2012

Dsc_0209_thumb where did you get this?


Cassie B says...

@ 23:13 on Apr 19, 2012

Dsc_0042_thumb How did you put the flowers on these?


Amber P says...

@ 11:38 on May 24, 2012

K4_thumb I love the Favors! Where did you get the bug observation container?


Tara M says...

@ 21:01 on Jun 17, 2012

K4_thumb Thank you! I found the bug containers at Michaels.


Tara M says...

@ 21:03 on Jun 17, 2012

Dsc_0042_thumb I wrapped a piece of ribbon around the napkins and hot glued the flower to the ribbon.


Tara M says...

@ 21:05 on Jun 17, 2012

Dsc_0209_thumb I made these! I just used a styrofoam ball and pinned looped pieces of ribbon all over the ball. A dowel stuck in the ball and attaches at the bottom of the pot into a piece of floral foam. Thanks!:)


Victoria C says...

@ 21:54 on Aug 02, 2012

Dsc_0249_thumb So cute!! I love everything about your party!! Where did you find these cute ladybugs?


Christina J says...

@ 14:25 on Apr 07, 2014

K1_thumb Hello there ! Love the party theme. I'm too doing pink and green ladybug theme for my daughters first bday, can I ask where did you get the green buckets from? I'm having trouble locating any. Thank you.

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