Party Recap

Welcome to Sunny Days on Lucas Street! Filled with a candy & toy shop, a tattoo parlor, a craft center where we made Super Grover capes, and lots and lots of smiles! Elmo even came!!


Party Highlights

  • Best Dressed

    The Birthday Boy!

  • Best Moment

    Singing Happy Birthday with Elmo!

  • What People Ate

    Lots and lots of candy, pizza, cake, and cupcakes!

  • What People Drank

    Soda, Lucas Street water bottles, & Sesame Street juiceboxes



  • no photo

    Pat B wrote:

    Very nice

  • Meghan C

    Meghan C wrote:

    Were did you get the fairy dust?! Its so cute :) Great party!!

  • Jen P

    Jen P wrote:

    Thank you!!

  • Jen P

    Jen P wrote:

    Hi Meghan! Thank you so much! These were a last minute find on Oriental Trading! :)

  • no photo

    Arielle B wrote:

    please tell me where you got the coloring book and personalized crayons from

  • Ava S

    Ava S wrote:

    nice, i really like your candy bar, where did u buy the cotton candy jars

  • Jen P

    Jen P wrote:

    Hi Ava!! Thank you so much! The cotton candy jars were actually purchased around Easter/Passover time in my local grocery store. They were $1 a bucket. I then had a designer create the labels. The brand is: Manischewitz. Hope this helps!

  • Sha M

    Sha M wrote:

    i love this cake

  • Nicole M

    Nicole M wrote:

    Too cute

  • Nicole M

    Nicole M wrote:

    I love the tables, how each is a different color and character

  • Jen P

    Jen P wrote:

    Thank you!

  • no photo

    Selina L wrote:

    where did you find the shovels? ive looked everywhere!

  • no photo

    Kia P wrote:

    Where did you get the candy fairy dust?

  • no photo

    Angelique T wrote:

    I really like this idea and will be using these for centerpieces at my son's first birthday party! Can you tell me how much candy you had to get to fill your buckets? I will be adding foam on the inside so I don't have to fill the entire bucket but I'd like to get an idea.

  • Rhea S

    Rhea S wrote:

    Where did you get the personalized coloring book?