Party Recap

“The Minecraft baddies are trying to take over the birthday party. You must craft supplies and defeat the baddies to save the party!”


Party Highlights

  • Activities / Games

    TNT The Ghasts, Wither Crossbow Competition, Slay The Ender Dragon

  • Budget

    Around $200 for everything, including food. It's amazing what you can do with $1 tablecloths, duck tape, and cardboard boxes. Got an amazing deal on the sunglasses on Amazon (normally $30, on sale $4.74)

  • Funniest Moment

    All the kids dancing around in their "Birthday Armor" sunglasses with their swords to Minecraft Parody music



  • Divya B

    Divya B wrote:

    can you please send the recipe for creeper juice?!?!? i need to make it!

  • Divya B

    Divya B wrote:

    can you email this recipe to divya1230@aol.com please! love it!!

  • no photo

    Jj B wrote:

    how did u make the sign 4 door?

  • no photo

    Kristie H wrote:

    The Creeper Juice Recipe is: 1 bottle ginger ale 1 large can pinapple juice 1 container frozen orange juice 1 lemon/lime koolaid package sugar to taste if needed (I didn't add any because the sherbert and ice cubes melting adding plenty into the drink) 1 container lime sherbert For the ice cubes I used another package of lemon/lime koolaid and made the koolaid per instructions on the packet and then froze it in ice cube trays. The ones I had actually small trays that made cubed ice cubes so it worked out well. Mix the top ingredients together. Then add in the lime sherbert straight from the containter (if you soak the plastic in warm water it helps make it slide out in one solid piece easier). Then add some ice cubes for looks and I put the rest of the ice cubes in an ice bucket for them to add to the cups. For the sign for the door I found an image of the title screen for the Minecraft game on the internet and then used Microsoft Image Composer to edit it (an OLD graphics program) but you could edit it in Paint or Adobe Photoshop or Photoscape.

  • Amanda D

    Amanda D wrote:

    How did you make the image of the Xbox CD Mix? That is so great!! Do you have an image you can share or for sale?

  • no photo

    Xena C wrote:

    Can you share how you made the sign for the door to msshan2@gmail.com Thanks - this sign would blow my 8-year old swat.

  • no photo

    Nila P wrote:

    where did you get these?

  • no photo

    Nila P wrote:

    never mind I see it :)

  • Jamy H

    Jamy H wrote:

    can you email me the file for this game. I will like to use it for my sons birthday party.. Thank you! divaperuana@hotmail.com

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