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Our little cowgirl turns 4! - Pink cowgirl
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  • 31 March 2012
  • My Backyard " Kaitlyn's Corral" / Tallahassee / Florida / United States



Catrina W says...

@ 20:15 on Apr 14, 2012

Dsc_0273-001_thumb I see you had many children at this party. How many ponies did you have and how long. I am getting a pony for my daughters 4th. We will have 17 kids and I am trying to decide one pony or two. The pony will only be here for one hour.


Marcy G says...

@ 18:22 on Apr 15, 2012

Dsc_0273-001_thumb We only had 1 and they were here for a little over an hour. Most of the kids played on our playground or around the yard. We never had any lines for the pony and everyone got to ride more than once. All in all it was a lot of fun for the kids, they loved the pony :)


Catrina W says...

@ 13:12 on Apr 18, 2012

Dsc_0273-001_thumb I am having 20 kids for a party soon. How many ponies should I get? I am sure my two daughters will want to ride awhile. The pony will only be here one hour.


Marcy G says...

@ 19:55 on Apr 18, 2012

Dsc_0273-001_thumb I would get two then :)


Marcela D says...

@ 08:16 on Jul 17, 2012

Dsc_0019_thumb Please lead me to this theme, my daughter loves it, i would like to get everything but i cant find it


Marcy G says...

@ 19:46 on Jul 17, 2012

Dsc_0019_thumb you can find my designs at or


Barbara W says...

@ 21:26 on Jul 17, 2012

Dsc_0495_thumb Cute! Where did you get the stickers, and ranch dip containers?


Marcy G says...

@ 06:15 on Jul 18, 2012

Dsc_0495_thumb I design them my store is I can set you u with a custom listing for those they are $5 for the design (you print at home) The cups came from walmart :)


Maria M says...

@ 07:11 on Sep 07, 2012

Absolutely adorable! Good job!


Shana M says...

@ 14:22 on Jan 14, 2014

Dsc_0314_thumb Where did you find her shirt?

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