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My 4 Favorite Parties of the Week


If you're only going to check out a few parties from our site this week, make sure these are the ones! Enjoy!
  1. Katie J's Vintage Strawberry Shortcake Party
  2. My Best Wishes Events' Magic Woodland Party
  3. Carol R's Camp Valeria Birthday Party
  4. Inspired Dream Events' Fairy Extravaganza

FREE Vintage Barbie Party Printables from Printabelle

One of the most popular themes on our site for girl birthdays is Vintage Barbie parties. Now if you are throwing one, you can use these free Vintage Barbie party printables Michelle at Printabelle designed.

The collection includes: invitations, gift tags, large party circles, "Celebrate" banner (large and small), mini candy bar wrappers, party circles, treat toppers, thank you & menu/place cards, water bottle labels.





free-barbie-birthday-party-printables barbiesilhouettelargecircles barbiesilhouetteminibanner barbiesilhouetteminicandybar barbiesilhouettepartycircles barbiesilhouettetreattoppers barbiesilhouettetymenu barbiesilhouettewaterbottle

Thank you, Michelle, I think you're going to make a lot of girls happy!

And remember, if you’d like any of these printables personalized, Michelle will do it for $3 per file! To learn more about Michelle and see all the printable collections, head to Printabelle and the Printabelle Facebook page.

For more party inspiration and ideas, check out all these fantastic Barbie parties on our site!

FREE Valentine's Day Party Printables from Pick.Print.Party.

I love the vintage font, but modern chevron feel of these Valentine's Day printables from  Pick.Print.Party.

The collection includes: an invitation, party tags, a "Be Mine" banner, water bottle labels, and a Valentine's Day card.


Thank you, Pick.Print.Party. for such a pretty collection. To learn more about Pick.Print.Party. and see all of their designs, visit the Pick.Print.Party. Etsy shop and Facebook page.

For more Valentine's Day inspiration, check out all our free Valentine's Day printables and awesome Valentine' Day parties on our site.



FREE Vintage Baby Shower Printables from Printabelle

Michelle from Printabelle has done it again! She's created an adorable vintage baby shower collection and has  let us give them away to our readers for free. Thank you, Michelle!

"Vintage" themed parties are incredibly popular on our site. So now if you're looking for a baby shower theme, just bring out your grandmother's old china, add some pretty hydrangeas, and download these printables to pull it all together.

This collection includes: A welcome sign, cupcake toppers, invitations, a banner and mini banner, gift tags, mini candy bar wrappers, thank you and menu/place cards, bookmarks, treat toppers, and water bottle labels.



Thanks, Michelle, for designing another sweet set of printables. And remember, if you’d like any of the printables personalized, Michelle will do it for $3 per file!

To learn more about Michelle and see all the printable collections, head to Printabelle and the Printabelle Facebook page.


PARTY ON A BUDGET: A Vintage Ballerina Birthday for $150

I saw this Vintage Ballerina Birthday on our site that Jenifer H created for her daughter, and I thought it was beyond beautiful.

Then I read that she pulled the whole thing off for $150 and I almost died. How did she do it? I, of course, had to find out Jenifer's secrets, and she so generously agreed to share them here. We won't tell, Jenifer, we promise!

My daughter, Ellah, has a love for ballerinas and dancing. When I was shopping at the Round Top/Warrenton Antiques Show in Round Top, Texas, I found a stash of vintage little ballerina prints. I purchased them for her room, and when she saw them, the gasp she took helped me to decide the theme of her 3rd birthday - a vintage ballerina.

Vintage ballerina print in spray-painted frame

When planning my two children's birthdays, under one month apart, I know we cannot break the bank two months in a row on birthday parties.  Although I'd really love to do it, I guess God really didn't have birthday parties in mind when He planned our children.  I also work with plenty of moms through my store with similar circumstances or moms who just want to save money.  Perfectly understood.

1st Tip - K.I.S.S

My first money saving tip is always the theory KISS: Keep it Simple Sweetie.  I am with the idea 'less is more.'  My daughter's party was very, very simple.  I kept the party small which helped cut the cost.  We invited family plus a few of my daughter's closest preschool friends, about 25 guests including the children. 

I served less expensive foods by having a simple brunch.  Breakfast foods can be inexpensive to make!  My husband and I cooked french toast, pigs-n-the-blanket, oven baked ham and swiss sliders (via Pinterest - so easy with very few inexpensive ingredients), chicken salad croissant sandwiches, homemade raspberry muffins and we had a simple green salad and fresh fruit in season. My mom brought the chicken salad, so my most expensive menu item was lovingly donated. 

Chicken salad croissant sandwiches

Pigs in the blanket

I kept the ballerinas' activities so simple.  Since coloring is a 2-5 year old favorite, I printed off a ballerina coloring page free from the internet for the girls to color and decorate.  I also purchased foam princess crowns and foam stickers on clearance for $5.00 total. 

Crowns to decorate

The girls had a blast creating their own princess ballerina crowns to wear during the party.  The last activity was, simply, dancing.  All party guests either wore their own tutu or we let them wear a tutu from our play clothes.  The little ballerinas cut a rug with what you might call very modern, interpretive dance moves - so entertaining and it was free!

2nd Tip - Use & Reuse

This is a fun and important tip: Use and reuse what you have!  I love "shopping" the house (and my mother's house) to find what will work with my party's theme.  I think it's perfectly acceptable to ask family and friends to borrow items that could work for your party.  Get creative with the stuff you already have.  The vintage ballerina prints that I purchased for my daughter's bedroom were some of the main party decorations I planned to use, but they didn't have frames.  Lo and behold, in my search, I found three identical, unused frames in my garage that happened to fit the pictures!  That was a score.  The frames were black, so I purchased spray paint to coordinate with the party color scheme and simply spray painted them and hung the art.  Easy and inexpensive. 

Absolutely everything that I used to serve the food and candy I either owned myself or I borrowed from my mom's vintage dish collection. 

Borrowed vintage dishes

The pops of turquoise you see in the platter and round place mat I already had.  Another party item I reused was the large mirror seen in the outdoor table photos. The mirror was kept from our bathroom remodel and worked as a great ballet mirror.

Ballet mirror from bathroom remodel

3rd Tip - Use your connections

Here I saved most of my money on the most expensive parts of the party - the photography, the cake, the bunting, the invitations and party accessories - all because of people I know.  Do you have a friend or family member you know who takes better photos than you?  I do!  A good friend of mine is the photographer of Jennifer Schattle Photography.  Jennifer and I partner together on projects every year including my children's birthday parties, so I am blessed to know and work with such a talented friend.  Of course, you don't have to know a photographer.  Ask people you know who can help! 

I also know someone who bakes - conveniently, my husband.  He is not a professional, but he grew up baking with his grandmother and does a wonderful, tasty job.  We insist on baking our children's cakes/cupcakes every birthday, so we save money in that department yearly. 

Caked baked by Jenifer's husband -- incredible!

In addition, I have an aunt who owns a custom sewing business, Kustom Kids of Kingwood.  When I had decided on the ballerina theme, I knew I wanted a bunting.  I shopped around and found that they were a little pricey for me.  I contacted my aunt and she quickly put together my requests (and my favorite piece of the party) for a fraction of what I would have paid anywhere else. 

Bunting sewn by Jenifer's aunt

Finally, I own my Etsy store Hello Love Designs where I sell printable party invitations and party accessories.  I also work with one of the top US press printing companies allowing me to have my invitations professionally printed for cost.  I printed out the cupcake toppers, tent labels, and favor tags on my own home printer, cut, and we were ready to party!  I have the Little Vintage Ballerina birthday invitation and full printable party collection for sale in the store.

Custom invitation designed by Jenifer

Cupcake toppers and tent labels designed by Jenifer

4th Tip - Use printables

I LOVE printables!!  Printable party accessories add such detail to a party and save money at the same time.  You can purchase anything from full party packages to just the pieces you need for a low cost.  Then all you have to do is print, cut them out, and you're ready to add beautiful detail to your party.  If you're really on a tight budget, there are many blogs, designers, and sites who offer free party printables.  You will spend a little time assembling, but the money you save is so worth it!

5th Tip - Use Etsy

For me, Etsy is an indispensable source.  Great deals are to be found everywhere!  Etsy offers such a variety of products, styles, and prices that everyone is happy.  I found (another favorite piece) a vintage floral sheet that I used as the table cloth outside at a great Etsy store called Eager Hands.  It was so reasonably priced, and the seller was kind enough to throw in sweet little "extras."  In fact, the eyelet trim I used to trim the party hats came as an "extra" from her shop. 

Eyelet trim on party hats

I also purchased the cupcake liners from The Cupcake Social used to serve candy, Ellah's tutu from Cheeky Chic Baby, and Ellah's headband from Prim Couture Shop - all on Etsy.  Note:  Ellah's birthday outfit was not a part of our party budget.

Ellah's birthday outfit

My one "splurge" item was the floral arrangement and, truthfully, it wasn't all that expensive.  I took the florist my pitcher, an inspiration photo, and a budget and they worked up something gorgeous that I could afford.  I always plan and shop ahead comparing prices.  I try to avoid last minute purchasing which can end up costing me more money.

Thank you, Jenifer, for sharing all your tips and your beautiful party with us. You did an incredible job!

To see more of Jenifer's designs, check out her other pretty parties on our site and her Etsy shop, Hello Love Designs .


FREE New Year's Party Printables from B. Nute Productions

We've got more New Year's party printables to share with you. If you need to add a little vintage flair to your party, this "fun and fancy" set designed by Betsy from B.Nute Productions is for you!

The collection includes: invitations, "Happy New Year" banner, tented cards, party circles, and party labels.






Thank you, Betsy for designing such a whimsical collection for us. To learn more about Betsy and see all her festive designs, check out her company, B.Nute Productions.

And to get inspired for New Years, check out these great New Year’s parties on our site and these free printables...


This week's party photo comes from Angela J's A Day at the Office Party. For a five-year-old who is all business, can you think of a better theme? I love the vintage details, like the typewriter, and I how great is his serious expression.


Definitely check out the rest of the party photos! The rubber band ball centerpieces are brilliant!

FREE Halloween Party Printables from Serendipity Soiree

Want something "vintagey" for your Halloween party this year? Then check out these FREE "Witches Brew" party printables from Catherine at Serendipity Soiree. Don't they look like they stepped out of another time?

The collection includes: an invitation, two types of labels, and party circles.







free-halloween-printables-labelsIf you use these for your party, please add it to our site so I can show it off.

Thank you, Catherine for contacting me about giving away these old-fashioned printables. To learn more about Catherine and see all her beautiful designs, check out her company, Serendipity Soiree.

Need more inspiration? Check out all of our free Halloween printables and Halloween parties on our site.

PARTY ON A BUDGET: A Sock Monkey Baby Shower for $100

Since we're all trying to save money throwing parties these days, I'm always looking for new ideas. 

Mariah L threw this incredible Sock Money Baby Shower and I can't believe she did it for $100!  I had to know more (and make sure she wasn't lying :)). So here's what she had to say about her party...

I was born a natural social butterfly and have always loved to plan and host parties. From holidays to birthday parties, I can find any excuse to throw a fabulous party! Having a fabulous party doesn’t mean you have to spend BIG. I believe the little details are what set ordinary events apart from extraordinary events, even in everyday life!

My sister was hosting a baby shower for a good friend and asked me to help her with the shower. We had a small budget; again I throw lots of parties, so I have to keep things reasonable. ;) She told me the mom-to-be was decorating the nursery in Sock Monkeys and I knew immediately this would be a great theme for the shower.

Here are 5 of my tips for throwing a fabulous party on a budget and how I did it:


“Shop” your house or borrow items. When planning the party look around your house and find inspiration and decorations from items you already have.

  • I decorated my twin’s nursery with Sock Monkeys so I knew I had lots of items at my disposal to decorate. The look and feel I decided on for the party was inspired by my twin’s room. I used vintage toys and sock monkey’s from their room to decorate with.

Vintage toys

  • I also borrowed a tricycle and red wagon from a friend to complete the look.
  • I had fabric scraps leftover from my twin’s bedding so I used those to create the banner and some of the table runners.

Toys borrowed and already owned


Keep it simple. You don’t have to buy extravagant decorations or have a huge spread of food to throw a great party. For this party the decorations were simple, but the impact of a few key items created the perfect atmosphere for the party.

  • •I did splurge on 2 items and those were the sock monkey cookies and cake pops, however I only ordered enough to add that extra little detail. I filled in the rest of the sweets with cake pops I made and store bought cupcakes.

Sock monkey cookies - a splurge

Sock monkey cake pops - another splurge

  •  I kept the food very simple by making mini portions, putting the fruit on the skewers and dressing up pasta from a box mix. I was able to stretch my budget farther a little farther by keeping the food simple.

Pasta from a box and fruit on skewers

TIP 3 

Dress up store bought items. You can make simple and cheap store bought items look like a million bucks if you take the time to dress them up.

  •   I bought red & white polka dot cupcake liners that I found at Hobby Lobby for only $1, I added those and custom cupcake toppers to store bought cupcakes to create a cute and custom focal point on the table.

Store bought cupcakes dressed up with cupcake liners

TIP 4 

Reuse & Repurpose. Stop before you throw it away can you use it again? Like I mentioned before I have lots of parties so I have an arsenal of supplies on hand that I can reuse over and over again.

  • I made tissue paper pom poms (which are inexpensive to start with) for my daughter’s Strawberry Shortcake birthday and saved them to reuse at future parties. Those pom poms can be a pain to make and I knew I could at least reuse them for Christmas so I stored them in the attic. They add pops of color throughout the house and provided a backdrop for the sign-in table.

Reused tissue paper pom poms

  • The cute banner was made using my Cricut, scraps of fabric, polka dot wrapping paper ($1 at Target Dollar Spot) and some of my nephew’s onesies.

Made with a Cricut and onesies

  • One of my favorite details was the individual crudités. I used candle votives I had to make individual crudités and served them on a tray I keep in my bathroom for display.

Crudite served in candle votives


Make an investment. Invest in items you can use over and over again.

  •   I was super lucky to find the white square plates and serving tray on clearance at Walmart a while back (only $1 each!) and it’s been one of my best investments! I simply add a piece of scrapbook paper that coordinates with the party.
  • •While I’m a DIY girl who loves to create things, I can’t ever make the invitations look as good as the ones you can buy! I usually invest in custom printables and have been lucky to work with some amazing vendors. I try to spend $20 or less, but they really help make things look extra special.
Party Expense Break Down

Here is how I spent my budget on the Sock Monkey Baby Shower. I had lots of things already on hand and my sister was able to do all of the printing for free.

Food - $30 Cupcakes - $12 Custom Cookies & Cake Pops - $38 Paper goods - $6 (bought at Dollar Store) Fabric - $2 (I only bought 1 yard of the Polka Dot fabric and used a coupon, the other fabric I already had) Printables - $20 Total - $108

*My sister spent an additional $40 on the party favors, but this was not part of my budget. She also had several left over she plans to give as teacher gifts when school starts.

Okay, so you weren't lying. :) Thank you, Mariah, for these great tips, and for sharing your party with us.

Check out Mariah's other fabulous parties on our site. You will be impressed with what she can do!


This week's party photo comes from Monsterscake's Sara is Super Birthday Party. Nothing cooler than a girl superhero!

And here's another cool tidbit. Sara's superhero party from Spain was inspired by this superhero party by Anders Ruff! I love how trends can spread all round the world!


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