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A Magical 9th birthday - HOGWARTS / Harry Potter



S B says...

@ 17:24 on Mar 31, 2013

What a fantastic party. Wonderful details!! Do you mind sharing where you purchased the invitations? Thank you


Heather T says...

@ 04:42 on Apr 01, 2013

Thanks SB! I was elated to find the invitations via pinterest - they are a free download available from the blog of a super creative mom found here:


Chuck C says...

@ 08:40 on Apr 06, 2013

Did you buy or make the wands?


Heather T says...

@ 13:18 on Apr 07, 2013

Hi Chuck - I made the wands, I'm not crafty but even so, it was really quick and simple. I followed this tutorial: I bought long dowels and cut them into different lengths, but later saw a pack of 8 precut dowels in the craft aisle at walm*rt for .79 cents - have fun!


Bittersweet Events says...

@ 07:49 on Apr 24, 2013

Dsc_0032_thumb Your cake is amazing!!

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